VIP Loyalty Rewards Program

The Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program is a combined program. For every $1,000 accumulated spend at any Picnic or hobbs store, you will receive a $100 gift voucher. The $1,000 spend can be achieved over multiple purchases over an extended period of time. There is no time limit for accrual.

The gift voucher can be used to purchase any item at any Picnic or hobbs store only (full price or discount stock) and there is no minimum spend required. The vouchers will be emailed to valid recipients on a monthly basis after attaining the spend.

A valid email address must be supplied at time of sign up to receive this reward. The address must remain valid (and not be unsubscribed).

VIP members must ensure that they state their full name and contact details at the time of purchase to ensure the sale is added to their Loyalty program tally.  If multiple loyalty accounts have been set up, the loyalty rewards will not be allocated correctly so please ensure we always have your most up to date details on hand.

This document sets out the Terms & Conditions of the Picnic and  hobbs VIP Club provided by Cherating Pty Ltd. These Terms & Conditions are intended to protect you and Cherating Pty Ltd. These Terms & Conditions will apply to you, as a VIP Rewards member from the time of signing-up. Please read this document carefully before signing-up to the Picnic  and  hobbs  VIP Rewards program.

If you do not understand these Terms & Conditions or if you have any queries please call your local Picnic or hobbs or email

Participation and Membership

1.0 Participation in the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program is open only to individuals. Participation is offered at the discretion of Picnic and hobbs and Cherating Pty Ltd has the right to accept or reject any application to participate at its sole discretion.

1.1 It is free to become a VIP member and there is no minimum purchase required to join. There are, however, some loyalty based promotions that are based on purchase activity and history.  Our rewards and offers are only communicated electronically so VIP members must retain a valid email address with us.

1.2 You can become a VIP Club member by completing the VIP Sign Up form available at all Picnic or hobbs stores, or registering at the respective brand website ( or 

1.3 The Picnic and hobbs VIP Club offers and rewards are not transferable, redeemable for cash or credit, or valid on prior purchase or lay-bys, unless otherwise stated.

1.4 You are bound by these Terms & Conditions upon handing over your personal contact details to a  sales team member at any Picnic and hobbs store or by signing up online. These Terms & Conditions are deemed to have been accepted and will be binding on a Member upon first accessing a reward or offer available under the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program.

1.5 All Members signing up are assigned a membership number. This number will be used for identification purposes by Picnic and hobbs to track loyalty based rewards.

1.6 Picnic and hobbs VIP Cards are no longer produced as part of the program. All your details will be kept on our secure internal system. The old VIP Card will still work if you choose to use it. This card is not a debit, credit or charge card and is not transferable and remains the property of Cherating Pty Ltd.

1.7 Membership may be cancelled or refused to individuals by Picnic and hobbs at its discretion, if membership is deemed to be fraudulent or linked to a fraudulent membership.

1.8 Picnic and hobbs reserves the right at all times to make any changes to the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program Terms & Conditions, offers and rewards at its sole discretion and without notice, including but not limited to: 
- Changes to all rules and
- Changes to Rewards and Benefits offered.

    Offers and Rewards

      2.0 The current offers and rewards of the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program are outlined above. Picnic and hobbs may change these offers and rewards, or elements of them from time to time. You may or may not receive notification of such changes, though they can be accessed at the respective brand website. 

      2.1 Rewards or offers will require you to identify yourself to staff or prove receipt of the offer ie VIP Milestone reward.

      2.2 VIP Loyalty Program. This reward program is only available to VIP members who have signed up to the VIP Rewards Program in store via completion of the VIP Sign up form, or online and who are actively purchasing at Picnic or hobbs . A valid email address must be supplied at the time of sign up to receive rewards under this program.  It must remain valid and not be unsubscribed.

      2.3 Other VIP offers and rewards. From time to time, Picnic and hobbs may run other offers and rewards, such as VIP Days, Shop and Style Events and Family/Friends offers. Details of these offers will vary depending on the specific promotion, and will be communicated via email and/or on the respective brand website.

      General Information

      3.0 Picnic and hobbs in exercising its rights under these Terms and Conditions does not constitute a waiver of those rights by Picnic and hobbs. Any waiver by Picnic and hobbs must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Picnic and hobbs

      3.1 Picnic and hobbs reserves the right to terminate the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program at any time by giving you at least 14 days prior notice.

      3.2 Picnic and hobbs may give you notice:
      - By posting online at the respective brand website;
      - in writing; via mail or email

        3.3 You must advise Picnic and hobbs of any change of name, address, or other details as the change occurs. Changes to address can be made via email to or through your local store.

        Termination and Transfer

        Picnic and hobbs reserves the right to suspend or terminate your participation in the Picnic and hobbs VIP Rewards Program, if Picnic and hobbs reasonably believes that you have, breached these Terms and Conditions.